Martinez Begins Campaign 2014 With Fundraising Appeal to Big Donors

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11 December 2012

Martinez Begins 2014 Campaign by Trying to Increase War Chest
Governor Expects Well-Organized Progressive Opposition.
Let’s Not Let Her Down!

  • Governor Martinez is in full campaign mode and is already lining her coffers to defeat progressive ideas and legislators from now until 2014
  • We need your help to protect the gains we’ve made and defend against Martinez’s corporate-funded, anti-middle class agenda

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ALBUQUERQUE — Ever the politician, Susana Martinez has already begun her re-election bid — merely 22 days after the election — by distributing a highly partisan fundraising email that gives New Mexican’s insight into the divisive underbelly of her administration.

Instead of focusing on the problems she has exacerbated or has yet to fix here at home — mounting job losses, corporate tax giveaways, failing schools, immigration, environmental degradation — Martinez is already in full campaign mode and spreading the kind of conservative misinformation usually reserved for the weeks leading up to Election Day.

The Albuquerque Journal reported today about a Martinez fundraising letter replete with scare tactics and misinformation all in the service of filling her campaign coffers beyond their already enormous levels.

From the article:

In a fundraising letter dated Nov. 28, the Republican governor warns that “leftwing special interests and the anti-reform forces of government” are celebrating, emboldened, and looking to 2014 “to build on their gains and seize more power…[W]e can expect the out-of-state liberal groups to spend a record amount of money in their attempt to destroy and defeat me…They will attack early and often,” the letter says.

She urges supporters to help her fight back by contributing $5,000, $3,750, $2,500 or whatever they can.

The governor’s election committee reported $1.2 million on hand as of October.

Though such misinformation is no surprise to you or us, the Governor’s fundraising letter serves as a reminder that even though progressives made great gains in 2012 we have to start working NOW to defend against the corporate and special-interest spending Susana is relying upon. (The letter fails to mention the out-of-state industries and special interest groups that fund Martinez or that her conservative super-PACs outspent progressives 2-to-1 in the 2012 election.)

ProgressNow New Mexico is committed to correcting conservative misinformation and advancing progressive causes for the working individuals and families of New Mexico. But, as you can see, our conservative opposition is (and will be) well-funded and staunchly dedicated to halting progress in New Mexico.

Over the past year we’ve had a number of successes that have shed light on the failure of the Martinez administration to enact the kind of reforms she promised she would. But we need your help to keep the fight alive!

Please CLICK HERE to donate $5, $10, $15 or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Here are just a few of ProgressNow New Mexico’s highlights over the past year:

Pat Rodgers – high-profile Republican lawyer and Martinez confidant – resigns after ProgressNow New Mexico exposes his racist emails.

Reform New Mexico Now PAC – aligned with Martinez and run by her closest advisor, Jay McCleskey – was caught illegally coordinating with candidates after a ProgressNow New Mexico investigation.

The New Mexico Finance Authority – run by former Martinez cabinet appointee Rick May – is caught spending $100,000 of taxpayer money on luxury hotels and swank dinners after a ProgressNow New Mexico investigation.

A ProgressNow New Mexico investigation found that Jay McCleskey and his multiple consultancy companies have made over $1.2 million from Susana Martinez since 2010.