Their Solution: Give Teachers a Discount at Gun Stores.

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PNBannerYellowVertical.jpgThe right wing has started pushing a “more guns” solution.  On his show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh told his listeners assault weapons don’t really exist and promoted a gun shop giving discounts to teachers.

When I signed up to serve as a police officer a decade ago, I never dreamed my mother, an elementary school principal, might need the same training I needed to work gang-ridden streets.

But that’s where we are because our politicians haven’t mustered the political courage to pass common-sense gun reforms to stop these shooting tragedies.

That’s why we need you to tell our Congressional delegation that you demand to see action on responsible gun laws.  Calls for reform far outnumber those for the status quo that led to Tucson, Virginia Tech and, now, Newtown. But, unless we speak up, our representatives won’t know.

Our delegation needs to see a list of pro-reform voters larger than the NRA’s membership in New Mexico.   No one’s right to own a gun trumps our right to be free from senseless violence.



Sign it, share it and follow up.  It’s time to demand reform.

Sign the petition to Senator Udall, Sen.-elect Heinrich, Rep. Lujan, Rep. Pearce and Rep.-Elect Lujan Grisham demanding they take federal action that holds gun dealers and owners responsible for owning a firearm and puts up real barriers to criminals and incompetent buyers seeking to unleash horror on our communities.