This ABQ teen was attacked for being gay. You won’t believe what happened next

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Last night I saw a news story I couldn’t believe.   A 14-year old gay teen was attacked for being gay inside Albuquerque’s Coronado Mall and instead of being helped, he was banned from the mall for fighting.
It would be unbelievable if it wasn’t for the video the attacker’s friends took and posted online.

 Gay attack story

There is no excuse for anti-gay bullying or violence.   But how the Albuquerque Police Department and mall management responded is even worse.
Instead of recognizing the signs of anti-gay bullying or investigating the violent attack, they banned both young men and sent the victim away.
“Issaic” is a hero for standing up and coming forward.  Growing up gay is hard enough.  I know. 
That’s why I want to be sure this never happens to another gay teen. My friends at Equality New Mexico and ProgressNowNM are teaming up to demand that Coronado Mall and APD do what’s right for Issaic.
I’m urging you to go to to watch the full video, read the story, then sign the petition to Coronado Mall and APD urging them to get to the bottom of this story and welcome Issaic and his friends back.  You’ll be as disgusted as I am, I’m sure.
The video is horrible.  It shows the attacker planning his attack, running up behind Issaic and punching him so hard he falls to the ground.  The cowardly attacker runs away but the reaction he got from police and Coronado apparently didn’t mean much to him – he and his friends posted the video online for all the world to see.
Our police officers must recognize the danger signs of anti-gay violence and respond accordingly.
Sign this petition to Mayor Berry and Chief Banks to ensure that APD officers receive the proper training to respond to anti-gay crimes and requesting that Coronado mall lift Isaaic’s ban.

Thanks for stepping up for Issaic!
Sen. Jacob Candelaria
Senator Jacob Candelaria