Martinez/McCleskey fight back with P.OS. poll

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Earlier this week, we ran a story highlighting Governor Martinez’s dropping approval numbers (down about 11 points since May).

Martinez’s defenders went into overdrive downplaying the findings, but even the pollster, Brian Sanderoff of Research and Polling, defended his work to the Santa Fe New Mexican and argued that different samples would have produced changes of no more than 3 points.

Today the Washington Post ran a short piece citing the Martinez campaign saying, “no need to fear.”   Take a look at the report (you can’t check the poll because the campaign and Post didn’t release it).

After the blistering polling from Common Cause and Research and Polling, Martinez’s political manager Jay McCleskey hired his wife’s polling firm, Public Opinion Strategies [P.O.S. for short 🙂 ] to do a new poll that showed Martinez in safe territory.

WaPo should note that the Martinez POS poll was taken in the middle of the Roswell shootings where the governor appeared on TV around the clock.

A publicly viewable independent non-partisan poll shows Martinez down double-digits in 7 months.  An internal campaign poll, designed and administered by Martinez’s political operative and his wife’s firm, shows her slipping less. Smells like political theater.

Of note:  The POS poll was conducted in quick-fire fashion, allegedly from Jan 13-15. The Albuquerque Journal, which owns Research and Polling, was provided an early version of the poll showing Martinez slipping.    The McCleskey/POS poll was allegedly launched just as the Common Cause/ R&P poll was making the rounds among insiders.  Some are speculating that Journal management shared the poll with McCleskey and company early sparking the need for their quick insider response poll.

New Mexico’s Martinez gets high marks in two polls.