Why Are Albuquerque's [Republican] City Hall Leaders Suing This [Democratic] Hero Firefighter?

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State Rep & AFD Fire Captain Emily Kane

Mayor Richard Berry and City Hall Republicans are at it again. They’re spending our taxpayer

State Rep & AFD Fire Captain Emily Kane

State Rep & AFD Fire Captain Emily Kane

dollars on a political lawsuit trying to make a city employee quit her job.
But their target is not just any city employee.  Its hero Albuquerque fire fighter Emily Kane who also happens to be a Democratic State Representative.

While Fire Captain Kane was busy leading the heroic response to the Downtown Flamenco Institute fire in December, city administrators were busy writing the lawsuit to kick her off her job.

In 2012, Republicans in City Hall sued to keep Kane off the ballot after she filed to run for an Albuquerque North Valley legislative seat.  But State District Court Judge Brickhouse ruled that the city could not prohibit city employees from running for other political offices, like state representative. Rep. Kane’s lawyers also cited a state law that allows public-safety workers to seek elective office.

Fast-forward to 2014 and AFD Captain/Representative Kane is in the middle of her second year in the legislature.

BUT now, two Democratic representatives are absent from the current legislature and if Republicans can knock off Kane, they’ll get a Republican majority in the House – fulfilling what Governor Martinez says is her top priority.  In the meantime, every day Kane is tied up in Albuquerque court she’s not casting votes in the legislature and that could give Republicans a majority to blast driver’s licenses, push an amendment against same-sex marriage and more.

A judge already told the city to knock it off, but Mayor Berry and his top lieutenant Rob Perry are spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on a frivolous political lawsuit.

Call Mayor Berry’s chief administrative officer, Rob Perry, and tell him to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on political lawsuits against Democratic opponents.  Maybe you can even suggest some good things they could do with the money they are spending on this frivolous political lawsuit?  Maybe hire more firefighters?  Enforce the minimum wage?   Call Berry & Perry here.