Guide to the Issues: ALEC-member corporate lobbyists in New Mexico

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This report is part of our multi-part 2014 Citizen’s Guide to the Issues and ALEC in New Mexico.   Learn more about the report or jump to other sections with the links below.

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Guide to the Issues: ALEC-member corporate lobbyists in New Mexico
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ALEC member corporations don’t just lobby legislators at fancy resorts or expensive legislative dinners.  They employ armies of lobbyists in state legislatures to ensure that the legislators they support move the model bills they want. In some cases, lobbyists have no idea the bill they push came from ALEC.

We reviewed 2013 Secretary of State lobbyist filings and ALEC member corporations identified by the ALEC watchdog group ALEC Exposed (a project of the Center for Media and Democracy).   The resulting report identified these New Mexico lobbyists employed by ALEC-member corporations.

Both sources were obtained in November 2013.

Jessica Wolfe Allergan, Inc.
Scott Scanland Altria
Daniel Smith Altria
Nancy M. King Anheuser-Busch; ExxonMobil
Brent Moore Anheuser-Busch; ExxonMobil
Thomas Roth Anheuser-Busch
James Turner Astellas Pharma
Joseph Menapace AT&T; Peabody Energy
John Barrett Bayer Healthcare
Ruben Baca BNSF Railway
Anthony (T.J.) Trujullo BP America; Occidental Petroleum
Loretta Armenta CenturyLink
Leo Baca CenturyLink
Suzanne Holland Chevron USA
Luke Otero Chevron USA; FedEx; RAI Services
Stephen Perry Chevron USA
Thomas Rutherford Chevron Mining; Honeywell
Jeremy Rutherford Chevron Mining; Honeywell
Julie Williams Chevron USA
John Christopher Comcast
Minda McGonagle Comcast; NFIB
Harold Stratton Comcast
Marcelo Kort Eli Lilly
Joan Solem Eli Lilly
Craig Knoeller ExxonMobil
Lisa Winn ExxonMobil
Mickey Barnett Farmers Insurance; RAI Services
Daniel A. Najjar Farmers Insurance
Samantha Omey Honeywell
James Bullington K12
Jennifer Chavez K12
Lucca Cirolia K12
Tamara Watkins K12
Natasha Ning LKQ Coporation
Drew Setter LKQ Coporation
Jason Weaks LKQ Coporation
Roy Soto Microsoft
Bar Christensen-Boner Novartis
Julie Moore Occidental Petroleum
Vanessa Alarid Pfizer
Amber Pearce Pfizer
Fred Ocheskey Pinnacle West Capital Corp.
Linda Barefoot Purdue Pharma
Karin Foster Shell Oil
Dave Adams State Farm Insurance
Ann Conway State Farm Insurance
Kristin Silva-Sweeney State Farm Insurance
Roland Spies State Farm Insurance
Arthur Teague State Farm Insurance
Edwin Mahr T-Mobile
Matthew Johnson Takeda Pharma
Marla Shoats Takeda Pharma; Wine Institute
Dan Weaks Takeda Pharma; Wine Institute
Bruce Mac RAE UPS
Marco Gonzales Verizon