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New Mexico ranks last in the nation in child well-being, now two years in a row.  How are New Mexico families doing?
AND Special Report: ALEC in the Roundhouse.  We name names with legislators, companies and lobbyists working for ALEC against NM families.


This report is part of our multi-part 2014 Citizen’s Guide to the Issues and ALEC in New Mexico.   Learn more about the report or jump to other sections with the links below.

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Guide to the Issues: Status of Women in New Mexico
Guide to the Issues: Minimum Wage & Income Inequality
Guide to the Issues: Gun Violence in New Mexico
Guide to the Issues: Driver’s License Policy
Guide to the Issues: ALEC IN NEW MEXICO
Guide to the Issues: ALEC-member corporate lobbyists in New Mexico
Guide to the Issues: ALEC Dollars in the Roundhouse

New Mexico ranks last in the nation in child well-being, now two years in a row.   But it’s not just children who can’t get ahead.  Did you know?:

  • Single women heading households in New Mexico make $10,437 less than their male counterparts
  • New Mexico pays legislators and ALEC-member for-profit prisons an indexed rate for per diems and incarcerating prisons, but the minimum-wage workers who serve the legislators and wardens don’t get that same annual adjustment to keep up with the rising cost of living
  • Since Governor Martinez took office, the number of middle-class families has shrunk (down 3%) but the number of poor and rich workers rose – that’s expanding our income inequality gap (already the worst in the nation)
  • New Mexicans are more likely to die from gun violence than soldiers serving in war in Afghanistan


  • ALEC reports that 35% of New Mexico’s legislators are members – yet, we only know the names of 1/2.
  • ALEC member corporations spent more than $1,000,000 on contributions to politicians in just two elections
  • For the first time, we can report the names of some ALEC members who received scholarship

This guide is meant to be an informational resource for anyone interested in the state of our state. All the information you will find herein is as up-to-date as possible and has been thoroughly researched and gathered from established, reputable sources.
Inside you will find New Mexico-specific data on a range of critical issues: Minimum Wage, Early Childhood Education, Gun Violence, the Status of Women, and much more. Use this guide to refresh your memory, better understand a specific issue, or simply gather information about how New Mexico is performing at the start of 2014.

While it can’t be ignored that New Mexico faces a number of daunting problems – stagnant job growth, some of the nation’s deepest cuts to education, worst in the nation for child welfare – the citizens of New Mexico (and their citizen legislature) are dedicated to moving New Mexico forward. It’s our hope that this guide will help contribute to that progress.

  • Status of Women in New Mexico
  • Minimum Wage
  • Income Inequality
  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Driver’s License Policy

ALEC in New Mexico

  • ALEC members
  • ‘Scholarship’ fund recipients & Finding ALEC in NMLEG Bills
  • ALEC-member contributions to New Mexico politicians
  • ALEC-member corporation lobbyists

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