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“Mr. Chairman, I am a member of ALEC” – Rep. Yvette Herrell, Feb 2, 2014

Join our Anti-ALEC Army in the Roundhouse!

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This year’s legislative session in halfway done and after a few weeks where not much happened things are kicking into high gear.

When the legislature convened, we welcomed members, staff and reporters with our 2014 Progressive Citizen’s Guide to the Issues and our special “ALEC in our Roundhouse” report.  

We named names:  the ALEC members, corporations and their lobbyists who work in the Roundhouse for an ALEC agenda. Even better, we shared the tools we use to out ALEC bills and friends in the legislature started digging in.

Our anti-ALEC army started sending us tips to out more ALEC bills and (coming soon (?!): more ALEC members). 

So far, we’ve outed 4 ALEC bills (see the full analysis on our new website) and on Tuesday I went toe-to-toe in a House committee with Rep. Yvette Herrell as she introduced the first ALEC bill of the year: HB102, starting a process to turn our public lands over to state and private interests.

After I outed the ALEC DNA in the bill, Herrell responded:

“Mr. Chairman, I am a member of ALEC”

It was a lot of fun and, even better, the committee tabled that bill.  But we’re already fighting 3 more this week.  And, no doubt, there are more out out in the 1,000+ bills filed so far we haven’t gotten to. Without some help, we can’t possibly get to them all.

Here’s my ask:   join our anti-ALEC army in the Roundhouse.   Our team has already outed four ALEC bills in the hundreds we’ve reviewed, but we need your help to out the rest so we can stand up to ALEC and kill these bad bills.


I wouldn’t ask if this wasn’t important.  There are only 13 days left in this session and we’ve been so busy we’ve almost run through our whole legislative research budget.  If we make our goal, I can keep our reasearch team on this full-time.


Can you join our anti-ALEC army by helping us raise the funds we need to stay in Santa Fe?  Clearly, this program works, but only if we keep it going.  Putting researchers in the Roundhouse to read each bill and watch every vote isn’t cheap.

Patrick Davis, Exec Dir


Did you know? ALEC claims they have 35 members in New Mexico – that’s as many as deep-red Georgia – but we only know of less than 20.  And our research tracked more than $1,000,000 ALEC members gave New Mexico legislators.  They haven’t gotten much attention here, but conservatives know who pays their bills.  Join our anti-ALEC army in the Roundhouse.  [Don’t know ALEC?  visit and to learn more]


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