Help us bring Ramon home!

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ProgresssNow New Mexico is joining El Centro De Igualdad Y Derechos and many other community organizations in uniting to bring Ramon Dorado Mendoza home! Please help us bring Ramon home and call ICE at (202) 732-3000 and at (202) 732-3100 and tell them to let Ramon Dorado Mendoza back into the United States, Ramon’s case number is A#200666453.

ProgressNow New México se a unido con El Centro De Igualdad Y Derechos y muchas organizaciones de nuestra comunidad en ayudando a Ramón reunirse con su familia y regresando a Nuevo México. Por favor ayúdenos a reunir a Ramón con su familia y llame a ICE a (202) 732-3000 y (202) 732-3100 y díganles que dejen a Ramón Dorado Mendoza regresarse a los Estado Unidos. El número de su caso es A#200666453

RAmonLast year we shared El Centro De Igaualdad Y Derecho’s story about Ramon’s situation:

Ramon was five years old in 1993 when he was brought to Albuquerque by his parents with his younger sister. He was a 4.0 GPA student at CNM, a youth soccer coach, and a mentor in a youth group at San Jose Parish. In May of 2010 he was accepted at UNM’s College of Architecture and Regional Planning. Three weeks prior to his graduation from CNM, Ramon was pulled over for speeding by the Albuquerque Support Aviation Police. Border Patrol was contacted; Ramon was then arrested and voluntarily accepted deportation. Because this happened before Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals was enacted, Ramon has been rendered ineligible for DACA as well as an international student visa to attend UNM where a number of merit scholarships and a formal acceptance in his program await him.

Ramon’s family and supporters have never stopped fighting for him. In June of 2012, Senator Jerry Ortiz Y Pino wrote an article about Ramon in support of his plight:

“Ramon Jr. is an honors graduate of a public Albuquerque high school and a 4.0 student at CNM, with a full academic scholarship awaiting him at UNM. He was stopped in 2010 by police while driving his younger sister to her classes.

He produced his driver’s license and his proof of insurance, but when the officer asked for his immigration papers, Ramon had none to show.

The policeman called Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and in a matter of hours, the young man was detained and then sent across the border. There was no hearing, no evidence—no proof required. He was deported to Chihuahua and has been living there with his grandmother ever since.”

His Mother has been one of Ramon’s fiercest advocates and shared her family’s painful story with KOB Channel 4 last year.

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We are asking that you join us and all of the organizations and community members that have untied to bring Ramon home!

Over the weekend a group of 150 community members made up of students, brothers, sisters, children, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers that have been deported stood together and crossed the San Diego and Tijuana border in hopes of being reunited with their families, knowing they would go directly to a detention center. Ramon is one of the students, one of the brothers, and one of the sons that is currently being detained in hopes of seeing his family and the only home he has ever known. For all 150 members of this group, their only crime was being here undocumented.

Please help us bring Ramon home and call ICE at (202) 732-3000 and at (202) 732-3100 and tell them to let Ramon Dorado Mendoza back into the United States, Ramon’s case number is A#200666453.

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Ramon is truly an example of what the American dream is. He is a bright young man that has worked hard his entire life and is striving for a better future for himself and his family. Please help us bring Ramon home!