Rep. Steve Pearce dumps press sec. after she’s outed as firebrand blogger @PolitixFirebal

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Just two days after ProgressNow New Mexico outed Rep. Steve Pearce’s new press secretary, Rebekah Stevens, as @PolitixFireball, his office announced that Stevens was out as quickly as she had arrived.


Sources in Pearce’s office confirmed this morning that Steve Pearce demanded her resignation this morning citing “major obstacles” (read: ProgressNow’s report and her political BS) was permitted to resign this morning after a ProgressNowNM investigation exposed her as the hateful and racist blogger @PolitixFireball.

 UPDATE: read Pearce’s press release here.


Mar 28, 2014

Washington, DC (March 28, 2014) Today, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce accepted the resignation of his Press Secretary, Rebekah Stevens.


“I am proud to hire passionate, hardworking, and dedicated congressional staff out of New Mexico,” said Pearce. “When I hired Miss Stevens, I hoped she could transition from activist to become an asset to the people of New Mexico. It is now clear that major obstacles will prevent this. I asked for and accepted her resignation this morning. I hold myself and my staff to the highest level of accountability, and any distractions that hinder my service to New Mexicans must always be addressed.”

Under her previously anonymous online persona, she had made light of the holocaust by saying “I know Jews went up in smoke” and compared President Obama to Hitler.  She had also engaged in aggressive assaults against New Mexico reporters with whom she had been hired by Pearce to engage.


After his staff were initially coy about confirming ProgressNowNM’s report, Congressman  Pearce himself confirmed to the Albuquerque Journal that he had been aware of her online personality prior to her hire.


Read more about her posts and the stories about her work for Pearce in our original post.