[Election Day Alert] Dona Ana County Vote to Fund Tea Party Agenda

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Dona Ana County voters go to the polls today to vote on a big funding increase, paid for by higher taxes, to a local agency pushing an extreme right-wing agenda.

Update Tues. Apr. 8, 7:23pm: The Dona Ana County Clerk’s Office provides these unofficial numbers after tonight’s polls closed.  All ballots are counted: Here are the unofficial results from today’s election:

                                                                       For         Against

Radium Spring Community Center           34           67

Las Cruces Home Builders Association    131         628

Dona Ana County Govt. Center                 224         1415

Good Samaritan Society Village                 86           671

Gadsden Learning Center (DACC)             23           62

Total                                                       500  (15%)       2865 (85%)


Would you vote to raise your own taxes to pay for campaigns against a new Organ Mountains National Monument, to divert the Gila River and to prepare for a right-wing conspiracy promising takeover by black helicopters from the UN?   Today, most Dona Ana County voters get to decide if they approve a hike in taxes to support the agenda of the local Soil & Water Conservation District and pushing those extreme right-wing agendas is exactly what the board of that district is doing in Dona Ana County.   Here’s a summary of their work from our friends at the Southwest Environmental Law Center:

The Doña Ana Soil and Water Conservation District, a subunit of state government run by a board of seven supervisors (five elected), is supposed to help landowners with practical solutions to soil and water conservation problems. In recent years, however, it has become a highly politicized body with an extreme anti-environmental agenda.

Since 2011, it has passed the following resolutions:

  • Opposing Mexican wolf recovery
  • Prohibit wilderness within 25 miles of border
  • Restrict the powers of the State Historical Preservation Office
  • Give the state legislature veto power over federal land designations
  • Opposing the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument
  • Opposing critical habitat designation for jaguars
  • Supporting a Gila River diversion
  • Rejecting the UN’s Agenda 21 (which it equates with sustainability, smart growth, wilderness, etc.)

Read more here.

Want to know more? Start with the blog of their chairman, Joe Delk.   You can read his blog here about his plan to use the conservation district agency to fight against the “tyranny of the federal government” and  “environmental cartels” and working to preserve our open land and water.     Our friends at the Progressive Voters Alliance and Southwest Environmental Law Center encourage you to vote NO on Tuesday on the tax hike to fund the extremist right wing agenda of the conservation board.     Remember: this will be a very low turnout election.  Every vote will count.   Only 5 polling places will open.  Find yours here, make your vote plan and go vote!  

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