NMGOP: Governor Martinez Launches Spanish-Language Television Advertisement

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The Republican Party of New Mexico has announced the first Spanish-language ad in Governor Susana Martinez’s reelection campaign.

From the NMGOP:

Governor Martinez Launches Spanish-Language Television Advertisement

Albuquerque, NM – Governor Susana Martinez launched her first Spanish-language television commercial today titled, “Las Empresas Pequeñas.”  The spot can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr9E1m8YKkk

In the commercial, Governor Martinez discusses how her family started a small security guard business when she was growing up.  She describes how she worked as a security guard, watching over the parking lot of a Catholic Church during bingo nights.

Governor Martinez highlights how she will always fight to help small businesses, since they can’t afford the high-priced lawyers and lobbyists that larger corporations employ to help them.

In her first term, Governor Martinez’s administration established the “Office of Business Advocacy” to assist small businesses, signed legislation creating an online “One-Stop-Shop” to assist employers with permitting and other functions, and has worked to lower taxes to help small businesses better compete with companies in surrounding states.

Governor Martinez has been working to diversify New Mexico’s economy, so we are less reliant on federal government spending.  The state’s long-time reliance on federal spending has resulted in New Mexico’s economy being hit especially hard by the national recession and federal budget cuts.

“We must create an economy as diverse as our people, and that starts with helping small businesses grow,” Martinez said.

The commercial will run on Spanish broadcast statewide.

In addition to airing Spanish language television commercials, Governor Martinez’s campaign website is available entirely in Spanish and can be visited here: http://www.susanamartinez.com/es/


Martinez: Cuando yo era joven, mis padres empezaron un negocio de servicios de guarderia de seguridad.

A mi me pusieron de guardia en el lote de estacionomiento de la iglesia donde en la noche jugaban bingo.

Las empresas pequeñas no tienen fundos para pagar a abogados caros.

Por eso, como gobernabora, yo he luchado para apoyar los negocios pequeños.

Narrador: Susana Martinez.  Mujer del año.

Martinez: Tenemos que ayudarlos.  Esto es algo que nunca olvidare.


Martinez: When I was young, my parents started a security guard business.

I guarded church parking lots in the evenings during the bingos.

Small businesses don’t have the resources to hire expensive lawyers.

For that reason, as governor, I have fought for small businesses.

Narrator: Susana Martinez.  Woman of the year.

Martinez: We have to help them.  That is something I will never forget.