NM GOP candidate shares 'Muslims are pedophiles and problems' messages with voters

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Republican Louis Tafoya

What do you call a misogynistic man who believes Islam is the religion of pedophilia?   A Republican candidate for State House in New Mexico, of course.

Meet the Republican Party’s candidate for state representative in District 26 (that’s in Albuquerque):  Louis Tafoya.

Tafoya caught our attention this week when he reposted a story from the “Stop Islamization of the World” blog, SIOTW.org, for short.  In case you hadn’t guessed, SIOTW.org is basically a compilation of conspiracy-minded reports about the religion, along with a convenient “burn a Quran” option and PayPal link to keep it all going.

Tafoya found this exposè on Islam so informative he wanted to share it with us all by Facebook:

Louis Tafoya Facebook Post

Louis Tafoya Facebook Post


Inside the link, which paints all Muslim men as child sexual abusers, the blog reports (unattributed) “pedophilia is widely accepted in many muslim (sic) countries.”  If you support this position, as Tafoya appears to do, you are encouraged to share the post and donate.  No word if Tafoya followed through and donated as well.

Other important news stories Tafoya’s favorite anti-Islam site helps you understand?

  • The war in Syria is just a cover for the incestuous activities of Islam clerics in the country who are waging a uninterrupted ‘sex jihad’ against their sisters while we are all distracted by the war.
  • How the arrest of a man in the Sweden for necrophilia helps us all understand that Somali Muslims are morally corrupt.

This week’s anti-Islamic post is not Tafoya’s first.  He’s had dozens, including this one he shared on his official campaign page during his last run for the seat in 2012:

Louis Tafoya for State Rep Facebook Page

Louis Tafoya for State Rep Facebook Page


And he’s not alone in that assessment.  The GOP has been cultivating an anti-Islam base for some time:

CNN.com:  The GOP has a Muslim problem

Politico: GOP takes harsher stance against Islam


And this isn’t all political games.  A report last year by the non-profit Pew Research Group found that Muslims have a harder time gaining employment in Republican-led states, compared to non-Islamic applicants.

Sidebar:  While we were working on this post, the GOP’s standard bearer in HD26 added this not so pro-women post this morning:

Louis Tafoya Facebook Post

Louis Tafoya Facebook Post


Tafoya is the only Republican candidate for State House in District 26.  He earned 2,517 votes in 2012 in the same race, but that was not enough to defeat Democrat Georgene Louis.  Both will face off again in November 2014.

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