Send a Peep to Pearce (actually, 1,000 Peeps!)

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It’s no secret that New Mexico is slacking when it comes to some really big indicators: hunger, child well-being, job loss, income inequality, and the list goes on.

It should be safe to assume that every elected leader in our state is doing everything in their power to address these big important issues, right?

One should never assume.

Congressman Steve Pearce was home in New Mexico for 17 days last month, plenty of time to host a job fair for single moms in Deming or visit Main Street businesses in Belen to learn how Congress can help them grow.

But, we haven’t heard a peep out of Pearce on any of those big issues. Instead of talking to us in our towns, Pearce spent his time at home talking about chickens.

Washington Post

Washington Post

Albuquerque Journal

In fact, the only public events he hosted during the two week Congressional Easter Work Period from April 14th to April 25th were three town halls on the topic of the Lesser Prairie Chicken being added to the Threatened Species List.

Press release from Pearce’s office:

Washington, DC (April 14, 2014)—Congressman Steve Pearce announced today that he would host town halls for local citizens to meet face-to-face with and ask questions of federal officials regarding the impact of the lesser prairie chicken listing. Representatives from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Department of Agriculture and the Bureau of Land Management have been invited to attend.The town halls will be held on the following dates:

•     April 14, 1 PM at the Lovington Chamber of Commerce, 201 S Main Ave

•     April 15, 1 PM at the Roswell Chamber of Commerce, 131 W 2nd St

•     April 16, 10 AM at the Portales Chamber of Commerce, 100 S Ave A


So, this morning we delivered 1,000 Peeps (yes, the awesome sugary Easter candy) to Pearce’s Las Cruces office with a message that his constituents need him to start giving a peep about them.

Here’s some things Steve Pearce should have given a peep about instead:

Hungry children and families
In the sixteen counties that are entirely in Congressman Pearce’s district there are over 100,000 people that struggle with hunger and food insecurity on a regular basis. This isn’t even counting the overwhelming number of over 120,000 people that struggle with hunger and food insecurity in just Bernalillo County and Valencia County which both have portions in Congressman Pearce’s district as well.

Income Inequality
According to the U.S. Census there are 346,379 women in the New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District. Mr. Pearce failed them when he chose not to address income inequality during the Easter Work Period. The State of Women In America report shows that New Mexican women are making ¢80 for every one dollar a man makes. The wage gap is even larger for women of color in New Mexico. African American women are making ¢62 for every one dollar a man makes, and it is even lower for Hispanic women, who make ¢55 for every one dollar a man makes in New Mexico.

Pearce has a lot of other issues he’d rather not talk about

So here’s the deal:  We’re delivering 1,000 Peeps to Steve Pearce so he won’t have to go so far to find a little chicken.  Maybe then he’ll start giving a peep about the big issues facing his district.


CallnowmainNext week, Pearce will be back in the district.  Call his office and tell him its time to start working on the big issues for all of his constituents.  (Maybe you can invite him to your community meeting on an issue that needs real help?)