Sen. Majority Leader Michael Sanchez: We deserve better

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Sen. Maj. Leader Michael Sanchez

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, “culture” is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. Unfortunately, recent (and not so recent) revelations indicate that the Martinez administration’s culture is characterized by disrespect of many New Mexicans, disregard for acceptable practices, cronyism, and possible corruption. Governor Martinez and her close associates seem to share attitudes, values, goals and practices that do not represent the vast majority of New Mexicans.

News reports and court documents show that the actions, words, and sentiments of the governor and her inner circle have created a culture that most New Mexicans would be ashamed to be associated with in any manner. Gov. Martinez has not only failed to apologize or take action against those breaking the rules, she has attempted to dismiss the evidence by attacking the source of the information or by expressing indignation that anyone would question her administration’s culture.

During the 2010 campaign, the governor’s slogan was “Bold Change.” She promised to lead the most transparent, responsible and accountable administration in our state’s history. These principles, she claimed, were what made her administration necessary for New   Mexico’s future.

But, as many people both nationally and locally have seen, the Martinez administration is filled with hypocrisy. It has repeatedly refused to relinquish public records, entered into shady contract deals, refused to accept responsibility or be accountable for clear policy violations, displayed complete disrespect for the developmentally disabled and teachers, and courted Hispanic voters while ridiculing their English-speaking abilities.

The sad truth is that New Mexico will not move forward when it is being led by someone whose eyes are focused outside our state’s borders and whose only real accomplishment is creating a culture based on arrogance, entitlement, and hypocrisy. We deserve better.