Is New Mexico ready for marijuana policy reform?

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As you know, 2013 in New Mexico was an amazing year for progressives and for some of the issues you care about most. Whether it was defending women’s choice in Albuquerque, supporting the new Rio Grande del Norte national monument designation, holding Governor Martinez accountable for her backwards policies we at ProgressNow New Mexico took our direction from you, our most passionate supporters.


Last summer, our supporters started the public campaign for marriage equality now after legislative efforts stalled. Some said it couldn’t be done but we teamed up with friends in Santa Fe and Las Cruces to support a groundbreaking legal opinion and bold action on a local level that propelled New Mexico forward.  You even helped us raise more than $30,000 for the legal defense fund for county clerks who did the right thing.


Now some are asking if New Mexico progressives are ready to make 2014 another summer for progress.


For the past two years, more than 5,000 New Mexicans added their names to petitions to the legislature supporting marijuana policy reform in New Mexico.  Our friends at the Drug Policy Alliance report that a majority of New Mexicans support reform.  But even with polls showing a majority of New Mexicans are ready for reform, time has always run out.


The War on Drugs has been an unequivocal failure and the insistence on arresting and prosecuting minor drug offenses has taken a dire toll on communities across the nation and here at home. And this is where you come in.


Are you ready for marijuana policy reform in the Land of Enchantment?


We’re taking a serious look at the issues like this that matter to New Mexicans and we want your voice to be heard.  Are you ready?


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