Vote Progressive! It's primary election day

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It’s Election Day in New Mexico!

Registered Democrats and Republicans head to the polls today to cast ballots for their choice for candidates from US Senator to governor to sheriff.

Voters who did not register with a party affiliation are not eligible to vote in today’s election.

CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION HERE:  Secretary of State’s Voter View 



If you need a quick primer on today’s elections, the Santa Fe New Mexican has their ‘5 things to know’ before you vote, including who’s running in top-tier races, who is most likely to vote and who can vote.

Of course, its not just the governor’s race on the Dem side or US Senate race on the GOP side that people are turning out for.  Candidates for state house, county commission and every other state and county official are on the ballot, many unopposed by the other party meaning party voters get to decide the winner in many races.

In Albuquerque, voters at many voting convenience centers will have the chance to sign petitions from the Reduce Marijuana Penalties Campaign working to let voters approve lower marijuana penalties in the City of Albuquerque.

Voters in Las Cruces may meet canvassers from the groups working to raise that city’s minimum wage.

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