Exposed: the network of secret GOP PACs raising and spending money for the right-wing agenda in NM

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Hold on.

In yesterday’s Albuquerque Journal, UpFront reporter columnist Thom Cole reported on political leadership PACs raising and donating money to Democratic candidates for state House.  

NMGOPpacs2 As Mr. Cole rightly reported, campaign finance laws permit elected leaders to raise money to support their own agendas; that often includes supporting candidates who support them and progressive ideas like increasing the minimum wage, preserving classroom funding and equal pay for women.

The Journal even outlined about $190,000 in PAC contributions that have gone to support the eight tightest House races in this year’s election.

Even though everyone the Journal interviewed said everything they are doing to save the House was above board, they went to extraordinary lengths to imply that progressive leaders weren’t playing fair. And then the Journal made a point of saying “Republicans don’t appear to have a similar large web of interacting PACs.” 

What a bunch of B.S.

For years we’ve been tracking the shadowy network of Republican PACs raising and spending money to support Republican candidates who back backwards ideas like pulling money out of state education funds, more tax cuts for out-of-state corporations and lesser accountability for big oil & gas producers. 



When the Journal published that insane statement, we were ready to push back in real-time because we’ve been tracking right-wing money in New Mexico for years.

In fact, while the Journal was content showcasing less than $200,000 in progressive spending, we’ve tracked a shady network of eight Republican-backed packs who’ve spent more than $216,000 for Republican candidates since January alone. That’s more than Democrats spent in the same period, and the Journal said none of it exists.

*Adding in the $300,000+ spent by the governor’s Susana PAC so far in 2014, the right-wing network of PACs has spent more than $500,000 supporting conservative candidates across these state. That’s twice what the Journal found on the Democratic side.


The Journal is just WRONG.  In fact, our review of the top spending PACs in New Mexico found that the governor’s Susana PAC raised and spent more money than the top two Democratic leaning PACs combined.


Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 7.23.40 PMAnd then there is the Governor’s Susana PAC.  So far in 2014 that one PAC has spent more than $311,000 supporting Republican candidates and campaigns across the state.


How does the Journal get away with this?  No one is holding them or the right-wing accountable.  Except us.  Want to counter the Journal’s pro-GOP message?  Share our Facebook and website report on the web of Right-Wing PACs supporting an anti-New Mexican agenda.


Here’s the deal: the 2014 elections are about nothing less than Republican control of the State House.  Republicans were just ONE VOTE short of the majority needed to pass horrible bills in the last session. 

Our research and advocacy helped to kill two ALEC-backed bills in this last session.  And our report on ALEC idenfified more than ONE MILLION dollars donated to legislators from ALEC member corporations in the past two campaign cycles.  

It’s clear the right-wing mission is taking back New Mexico for right-wing special interests.

Our mission is saving it. 


-Pat, Marsha, Alex, Nate & Rachael (the ProgressNowNM team)


Of course there is a fundraising ask – that’s how we keep doing what we do.   Unlike Susana PAC or the vast network of right-wing PACs putting personal agendas ahead of working families, ProgressNowNM doesn’t receive dollars from big oil companies or big business Super PACs.  We are supported by New Mexicans working to move New Mexico forward – Is that YOU?  Help us push back on the GOP, the Journal and the conservative agenda targeting our NM. Donate here.