#WIN! Law Enforcement Board votes to reverse "shoot first" training, reinstate higher training standards

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Earlier this year you took action calling on the governor and her hand-picked Law Enforcement Academy Board to reverse their irresponsible decision to lower training standards for New Mexico’s police officers while adding new “shoot first” training scenarios to the mix.

It was a dangerous prescription for the communities they serve and today the board listened to you!

In case you missed it, here’s our press release:




July 16, 2014

Contact: Patrick Davis


ProgressNowNM commends Law Enforcement Board for reinstating higher police standards in New Mexico

The state’s Law Enforcement Academy Board voted today to reverse its previous decision that decreased training standards for the state’s police officers, including the “shoot first” curriculum that had caused many to fear that officers were being encouraged to engage in unnecessary firearms encounters.

Since the board first hired a new director who sought to implement a more confrontational approach and eliminate community-based policing from law enforcement curriculum, organizations, including ProgressNowNM, have encouraged the board to reconsider.

To date, 1,026 people have taken action (page and info here) through ProgressNowNM calling for the board to reinstate its older curriculum that trained officers in community policing tactics.

The new curriculum, enacted in January, was dubbed “shoot first” by many because it added more firearms scenarios, including one that appeared to teach officers how to shoot at moving vehicles similar to an infamous State Police shooting last year where an officer shot into a minivan full of children during a Taos-area traffic stop.

“We’re thankful that the board took a second look at their decision,” says Patrick Davis of ProgressNowNM. “New Mexico is having a very serious conversation about what it means for our law enforcement officers to protect and serve our communities.  As the Albuquerque Police Department comes under increasing criticism and oversight for unnecessary force, and as more small departments militarize their tactics and tools across the state, it is up to this board and those of us who are served by their officers to demand that the officers they train are ready to work with those they serve, not against them.


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