Did you see? Steven Colbert skewered Steve Pearce on the Colbert Report

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Last week, we called out Steve Pearce for demanding the US send back refugee children to the very Central America neighborhoods he himself was too scared to visit.

ProgressNowNM [July 17, 2014]
Steve Pearce accidentally tells the truth about immigration:

Pearce says Central American hotels were too dangerous for him to leave over the weekend, but he wants to return refugee children there ASAP. Read More.

Once again we helped Pearce make national news for all the wrong reasons as our press release and story were picked up in Mother Jones and Crooks and Liars online.


Last night our story got the attention of Steven Colbert who skewered his hypocrisy on the Colbert Report.


In case you missed it, you can watch the clip on our website. Believe me, it’s worth the 2 minutes. Watch here.


Steve Pearce on Steven Colbert

Click to watch the clip on the Colbert Report website

Wonder why conservatives dislike us? 

Because we wade through the stories and spin to find the truth they don’t want us to know: like Steve Pearce’s ‘Send them back, just don’t send me!’ policy for innocent refugee children.


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