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Today marks 100 days until the election.

Last week, Republicans cried foul when the lastest conservative-leaning Rasmussen poll found the governor’s race tied between Martinez and King.  They complained the poll oversampled young voters – a group they have to keep home if they are going to win.

And national Republican leaders named New Mexico one of just three states where they going to engineer a takeover of the state house this year.

That’s something they haven’t done in 61 years. 

It’s the same strategy they put forward in North Carolina in 2013 and this weekend’s New York Times tells the story of what happened when Republicans took over there:

New York times

RALEIGH, N.C. — The objective of the Republican Party here last year was clear: Unleash the pent-up conservative revolution in a state where the party had not controlled the state legislature and governor’s office for more than a century.

The newly empowered lawmakers cut taxes, pared unemployment benefits and eliminated business regulations. They allowed concealed guns in bars and restaurants, curtailed access to the voting booth and enacted new rules for abortion clinics. It was the most activist session in memory.


Think that won’t happen here?  Think again.

In 2013, you helped us stop GOP State Rep. Cathrynn Brown after filed her bill to send rape victims to jail if they tried to stop a pregnancy. In 2011, progressive leaders in the House killed GOP Rep. Tom Anderson’s bill to ‘protect’ students from learning the facts about climate change and evolution.

This is a serious game.  Republicans need all of us – you, me and every other progressive voter – to stay home this year in order to win. Now their two biggest and best-funded political groups, GOPAC and the Republican State Leadership Committee, just agreed to make their New Mexico takeover plan a national priority and fund it all.

Keep Calm & Vote

 We have a plan to win

We have a plan to engage 100,000 New Mexico voters in 100 days and you know ProgressNowNM can make these last 100 days count.

Last election cycle, our progressive voter guide was viewed and shared thousands of times across the state and our watchdog program caught two sitting state legislators living outside their districts (both lost their very tight races to progressive opponents).

Since then we’ve been exposing the truth behind Susana Martinez’s spin machine and holding the line against conservative policies targeting New Mexico.  Now its time for us all – you, me and New Mexicans tired of negative job growth, education dollars proping up the profits of testing companies and Susana Martinez’s spin machine – to team up and tell those disengaged voters how important their vote is this election.

Are you in?  Get ready by signing up to receive our 2014 Progressive Voter Guide or volunteer to help us call, mail and contact voters who need a reason to vote.  

I’m In!

100 Days. 100,000 Engaged Voters.  Together we can do this!