How popular is the Tea Party in your county? A new report might surprise you, New Mexico

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How popular is the Tea Party in New Mexico?  More popular than in many states and more popular than you may think.

A political data firm who helped the Obama campaign analyze voter data for President Obama’s historic 2008 election, recently analyzed tea party favorability in every US county for a recent project.


HaystaqDNA found that Tea Party support is strongest in western states, including New Mexico, with one New Mexico county reporting a favorable view by more than 1/2 of residents.   A half-dozen more showed favorability ratings just near that number.

Here are a few outtakes from counties where we’ve helped the local Tea Party and their leaders make national news for their outrageous statements and behavior:

In Dona Ana County, where we helped the local Tea Party there make national news for rallying around a confederate flag and anti-Obama message in a 4th of July parade in 2012 (read more here), more than 1/3 of the county – 36.2% – report a favorable view of the movement.

In Albuquerque’s Bernalillo County, where we caught local Tea Party leaders training poll watchers to improperly turn away Spanish-speaking and handicapped voters from polls in 2012 (read more here), a full 33.2% of residents report a favorable view.

Sandoval County residents, where the poll watcher trainer Pat Morlen heads the local Tea Party, a full 36% of residents report a favorable view.

Grant County is home to former anonymous racist Tea Party blogger PolitixFireball.  We outed her real identity, Rebekah Stevens,  in 2014 after Tea Party Congressman Steve Pearce hired her as his official spokesperson.  He fired her.  (full story here).  Stevens is probably still popular among the 38.3% of her neighbors who support the Tea Party.

The Lincoln County Tea Party leader who sent (full story here) a racist tweet saying African-Americans had no reason to “bitch” about slavery has local support. 48.5% of her neighbors support the Tea Party.


Which New Mexico county enjoys the largest percentage of Tea Party support? Which has the least?

See the full report and see data for all New Mexico counties online at Talking Points Memo here.