History is coming to Santa Fe! Mayor & council vote to take up pot penalties when signatures qualify

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 Big News!  

Santa Fe’s mayor and city council made history tonight by “setting the ball in motion” to take up  marijuana decriminalization if we all submit the final qualifying petitions. The campaign team from ProgressNowNM and Drug Policy Action along with volunteers and supporters all attended.

The public hearing now set for August 27 will be the first by a New Mexico city on marijuana laws.  At that hearing, councilors will hear from voters and decide if the council will simply change our laws or let voters decide. But none of that happens if we don’t get the remaining signatures in the next few days.

Now we have just a few days left to gather the last 2,000 signatures and submit them to the city clerk. 

We’re so close.  Can you help?

Sign the petition – take a friend!
Local businesses including Back Road Pizza, Betterday Coffee, Video Library and the Plaza Café Southside are hosting petitions – go by and sign and send a friend!   Get the full list of locations here. 

Help the campaign
We also need volunteers to help find voters in their own neighborhoods and at public events.

Can you volunteer?  Contact us here.

Can’t volunteer but want to help?  Donate to help us support our volunteers and canvassers.  It takes about $10 per petition page to get this done and you can help!

Help us make history! If approved by voters in November, Santa Fe would become the first city in New Mexico to decriminalize the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and paraphernalia.