Only half of New Mexicans were born here. Where did the rest come from? The answer might surprise you.

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In a fascinating new report, the New York Times compiled census data since 1900 to track how each state’s population changed over the past 100+ years. 

It also tells us where today’s New Mexicans come from.  Just 53% of today’s New Mexicans can claim New Mexico as their native home.  Where the rest of us come from is really interesting.

Click the graph to go to the full NY Times story and interactive graphs for each state.

Click to view the NY Times' interactive chart

Click to view the NY Times’ interactive chart

New Mexico’s overall population is nearly half Hispanic, but immigration is only part of the story. The state has experienced a significant jump in migration from other states, and since 1980, Hispanic-Americans have represented about 60 percent of the growth in this area, with Texas, California and Arizona being the primary sources.


Texas contributed 7% of our current population, followed by California who loaned us 5%.   Westerners are replacing Midwesterners in New Mexico while just 10% of our state was born outside the US.  Learn more in the full article.