[ACTION ALERT] City Council to decide if Marijuana penalties will get a vote. They need to hear from YOU

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Monday night, Albuquerque city councilors will decide if they will take action to fix City Hall’s big mistake:

The city had told supporters of the marijuana penalty petition they needed 11,203 valid signatures to get their question on a ballot. They turned in more than 16,000 signatures by Monday’s deadline, thinking that provided a cushion for almost 5,000 invalid signatures…

When City Councilor Don Harris, a Republican from the east side, saw the 11,203 figure, he told city staff he thought it seemed low. A recalculation yielded a new requirement of 14,218 signatures…

But by then, the deadline to gather signatures had passed. Pat Davis of ProgressNow New Mexico, which backs the proposal, called the error “shenanigans” and said it’s “absolutely not” fair to change the number now. – Albuquerque Journal editorial, Aug. 1, 2014


Councilor Rey Garduno proposed to honor the intent of the petition signers by asking city voters at the polls if the city should go ahead and decriminalize marijuana.  

If his resolution passes Monday night and is approved by the Mayor, voters will have a say on this big issue this November.  

But some city councilors are still skeptical that people really want to have this vote – even after thousands of their own constituents signed the city’s petition saying YES.

Send them a message NOW asking them to vote YES on the resolution to place marijuana penalties on the ballot this November.

We have just 24 hours until the council vote – send your message now.


-ProgressNowNM & the Reducing Marijuana Penalties Campaign

PSCan you join us at the City Council meeting Monday night?  Come at 4:30 and sign up for public comment and tell the council you want to vote.  ABQ’s City Council meetings are held at 1 Civic Plaza, in the basement.  More info here.