Martinez says Marijuana decrim “horrible, horrible” idea but can’t say why; Fibs to cops on license policy

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Susana Martinez was having a bad day Tuesday.  Speaking to a group of sheriffs at a Santa Fe hotel, Martinez plunged headfirst into ‘refer madness.’

From the Albuquerque Journal‘s Dan Boyd:

Gov. Susana Martinez doubled down on her opposition to reducing penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana, saying such decriminalization attempts are a “horrible, horrible idea.”

…She told those in attendance the legalization movement has caused problems in New Mexico. When asked to elaborate, Martinez said Colorado’s law could lead to more people bringing pot into New Mexico.

“There is certainly the potential that people who possess and use lawfully in Colorado can cross state lines in any direction and … cause issues for law enforcement in those areas,” Martinez told reporters.

Emily Kaltenbach, the director of the New Mexico Drug Policy Alliance, countered by saying Martinez’s stance on the issue is harmful to New Mexico families.

“The collateral consequences for being arrested for a small amount of marijuana (in the state) are quite significant,” she told the Journal.

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Boyd didn’t mention any actual harm decriminalization efforts would do to New Mexico, only the governor’s speculation.

What she likely meant to say was what she said to the Associated Press a few weeks back: that she opposes marijuana decriminalization efforts on the ballot because they turn out more young people to vote.


At the same conference, Martinez told a fib to sheriffs assembled there.

This story from Milan Simonich at the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Gov. Susana Martinez, facing a supportive audience of sheriffs from 16 states, mixed fiction with some facts Tuesday in describing New Mexico’s driver’s license law as a threat to public safety.

Martinez said people who are in the country unlawfully obtain New Mexico driver’s licenses, then are able to “easily exchange” them for licenses from other states. She said New Mexico’s licensing law is spawning fraud across the country because states that never intended to license undocumented immigrants are doing so unwittingly.

In her speech, Martinez named Georgia, Florida and New York as states that will issue a new driver’s license in exchange for one from New Mexico.

But a check of all three of those states showed that no such license exchanges are allowed.

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Martinez apparently had a hard time telling the truth on Tuesday.  Maybe Wednesday will be better.