Does anyone know why Susan Riedel keeps her living room furniture in the arroyo?

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Can we talk about this for just a second?

Susan Riedel (pronounced ‘Ree-dul‘, not ‘Rye-dell‘ as she points out in her commercial numerous times) is up with the oddest TV ad so far in the New Mexico political season.

It features Ms. ‘Ree-dul‘ in various positions on a couch in the middle of the desert with a soundtrack of her voice telling viewers how to pronounce her name.  Apparently she is very conscientious about people who mispronounce her name.  Not so much about fabric care as she keeps a couch in what appears to be an arroyo.

Trying out the cushions on the left

Trying out the cushions on the left

And here’s a few more shots of awkward poses with the couch.

Can anyone explain this #CouchInTheDesert ?