We found voter fraud in New Mexico (but it’s not where you think)

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Republicans can’t wait to find voter fraud somewhere.  It justifies their racist attempts to suppress the votes of people who don’t vote like they do.  

Last night the US Supreme Court halted a drastic Voter ID law in Wisconsin and a federal judge in Texas called the state’s new Voter ID law a “poll tax” and ruled there had been motivated by a racist attempt to keep black and Latino voters away from the polls.  

Republicans claimed these new laws would stop voter fraud – but the courts know better.  

But some people just won’t give up, including our own Secretary of State, Dianna Duran.  

Yesterday, the Santa Fe Reporter reported that notorious Republican lawyer Pat Rogers is hosting a fundraiser for Duran.  Two peas in the “voter fraud” pod.   In 2008, Rodgers accused 28 voters – mostly Hispanic – of voter fraud and held a big press conference to prove it.  He was wrong.  They sued him and a judge threw it out because each was a legally registered voter.  

Not to be outdone, Dianna Duran announced in 2011 she found evidence of voter fraud by 64,000 registered voters and sent their names to the state police for investigation. The state police said there was no evidence and Duran shrunk away from her claims.   But there is evidence of election fraud in New Mexico and Duran knew it – she just said she didn’t care:

  • [2012] Susana Martinez commited ballot fraud by forging another person’s name on an absentee ballot; AG & SOS asked to investigateRead the report and see the docs

And there is more evidence of election fraud in New Mexico and we’ve documented it time and time again. Here’s a quick list: Here’s a quick list:

  If Pat Rogers and Dianna Duran want to investigate some election fraud, maybe they can start by looking in their own back yard. Share today’s story.  Visit us on Facebook now.