Fib a little? Dianna Duran’s TV spot takes credit for the work of others

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Screenshot from Dianna Duran TV Commercial.

Republican Dianna Duran is fighting hard to hang onto the Office of Secretary of State.  After fumbling a voter fraud

Screenshot from Dianna Duran TV Commercial.

Screenshot from Dianna Duran TV Commercial.

investigation that led Duran to improperly accuse 64,000 legally registered voters of voter fraud, Duran now comes with a TV ad claiming that she investigated and won convictions for voter fraud.

That sounds great if you are a Republican running for office and, if true, would have been “Breaking News” on Fox News, for sure.  The problem is, its not true at all.

The Secretary of State has no law enforcement power and can’t prosecute or convict anyone of anything.

But here’s what Duran did when allegations of improper voting surfaced in Sunland Park in 2012:

She ran to Sunland Park to start an investigation.  But even that “investigation” wasn’t legally binding and her request to delay the election and place it under her control was denied by Republican District Judge Susan Riedel, a Martinez appointee now running for attorney general:

Despite a report from the secretary of state alleging multiple cases of voter fraud, a district judge denied a request today to delay the Sunland Park municipal election, saying the district attorney hadn’t proven that “irreparable harm” had been done.  –

State Auditor Hector Balderas did his own investigation which led to the state taking over financial control of the village and a State Police investigation led the then-district attorney to pursue charges.  Most were later dismissed.