New TV ad hits Dianna Duran on her fraudulent voter fraud investigation: 99% wrong

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A new television ad reporting on Dianna Duran’s quixotic quest for voter fraud hit the airwaves today.  Our ad watch report found it and the news release announcing it.

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SoS for Democracy Releases Television Commercial in New Mexico Against Incumbent Dianna Duran

For Immediate Release: Thursday, October 16, 2014


Today, SoS for Democracyreleased a 30 second television commercial which calls out incumbent Republican Dianna Duran’s record as New Mexico’s Secretary of State.

“Dianna Duran was elected to run New Mexico elections in a fair and competent way but this ad shows just one of many instances where Duran has failed the citizens of New Mexico,” said SoS for Democracy Co-Chair Steve Rosenthal.  “Her record shows an alarming pattern of incompetence and wasting tax payer dollars instead of doing the job she was elected to do.”

The ad states, “She was elected to fairly run our elections. But, Dianna Duran wrongly accused nearly 64,000 innocent New Mexicans of voter fraud.” As the ad highlights, Duran never produced a “shred of evidence” and she was even discounted by her own office, which admits she was “99% wrong”.  For Dianna Duran’s incompetence and recklessness New Mexicans should vote her out of office. Watch the full ad below.

“It should come as no surprise to anyone that SoS for Democracy is involved in this race” said SoS for Democracy Co-Chair Larry Scanlon, “While the office of secretary of state tends to be an afterthought for too many voters, our mission is to remind them what’s at stake in terms of fair and honest elections, and defending the right to vote.”

“Throughout her tenure as County Clerk of Bernalillo County, Democrat Maggie Toulouse Oliver has a strong record of working to improve voting access for New Mexicans while ensuring the integrity of the voting process,” Scanlon added.  “She has fought to expand voting opportunities and make voting more convenient by supporting legislation that allows voters to cast their ballots at voting convenience centers rather than traveling to precinct-specific locations.  Maggie has worked tirelessly to protect the right to vote and if elected will restore the integrity of this important office,” said Scanlon, “Maggie is the clear choice for Secretary of State”.

SoS for Democracy launched last year under the leadership of Steve Rosenthal, a longtime Democratic strategist and Larry Scanlon, former national political director of AFSCME.  SoS for Democracy has been monitoring the New Mexico Secretary of State race very closely over the past year where incumbent, Dianna Duran is facing off against Democrat and Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver.