Conservatives gone wild: Friday edition. Los Alamos GOP candidate says GOP “full of it,” Sandoval GOP candidate charged with bribery

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We’re starting a new occasional segment profiling right wing foolishness in hidden corners of the state that don’t get as much attention as the Roundhouse. This week: Los Alamos and Sandoval County.

GOP candidate: GOP “Full of it”

Los Alamos libertarian Republican Abe Dispennette took to Facebook to trash his own Republican Party this week, just days before the election.

In a back-and-forth conversation with a potential constituent, the count assessor candidate complained that newspapers were covering elected officials and politicians more and more in the lead up to elections (hard to believe, I know). Then he added this:

Los Alamos Republican County Assessor Candidate Abe Dispennette, Facebook

Los Alamos Republican County Assessor Candidate Abe Dispennette, Facebook

From the outside, it’s been quite clear that the Republican Party looks a little full of it lately. Apparently the view from inside is much the same.

Dispennette moved to Los Alamos just two years ago, according to news reports.  He joined the Republican Party there, apparently, to run for office.  Republicans have always suggested that Democrats were full of it – perhaps this is the first step in the Republican Party admitting it may be, too.


Republican County Commission Candidate Faces New Felony Bribery Charges

Emails forced GOP lobbyist and lawyer Pat Rogers to resign from his high powered lobbying job and a secret non-public email network has gotten Governor Martinez and her staff in hot water time and time again.

For Sandoval County commission candidate Gary Miles isn’t emails, but text messages.

According to a story in this week’s Rio Rancho Observer, Miles used text messages to deliver a bribery request:

A motion filed Oct. 9 clarifies why prosecutors think Gary Miles committed a felony when he sent village residents Mark and Delilah Anthony a text message that stated he would allow the couple to adopt wild horses if they dropped harassment charges against another wild horse activist.

That earned Miles a felony charge of bribery. He’s still on the ballot but may be unable to serve if convicted.

This isn’t the first time a Sandoval County Republican was facing criminal allegations before an election.  ProgressNowNM followers will recall in 2012 when our undercover investigation caught Sandoval County Tea Party leader Pat Morlen training Republican poll workers to turn away Spanish speaking and handicapped voters.

That earned her an inquiry from a Congressional committee investigating voter suppression and an investigation by the attorney general.

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