[Audio] Women describe sexual harassment by House candidate Geoff Rodgers

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Los Alamos County Republican Geoff Rodgers is running to unseat State Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-43) in one of the most hotly contested state house races in the state.

Currently a county councilor, Rodgers was previously the transportation director for the school district where his conduct with women he supervised cost taxpayers tens-of-thousands of dollars in legal fees and a sexual harassment settlement.

In 2004, a bus driver accused Rodgers of sexual harassment on multiple occasions and several other women came forward as witnesses to support her claims.

State Human Rights Commission, Complaint Summary, HRD#03-04-21-0220

State Human Rights Commission, Complaint Summary, HRD#03-04-21-0220

A hearing was held and the findings were summarized in the commission’s report:

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The Los Alamos Monitor reported on the case after Rodgers claimed in a candidate forum that his actions were merely “improper.”

The school board later appealed the commission’s findings and after several prolonged court battles, the victim agreed to withdraw her claim in exchange for a taxpayer-funded settlement of $45,000.

In their own words
We obtained the audio tapes of the hearing and after hearing the witnesses describe, under oath, Rodgers’ actions towards women he supervised, it is no wonder they three-person commission unanimously found that Rodgers had created a workplace full of sexual harassment towards women he supervised.

Geoff Rodgers says he’ll work for us in the legislature.  But how has he handled women who worked for him?  Listen to their answer, in their own words:

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