Last week this House race was a lock. Now we’ve blown it wide open.

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In the last week we’ve put one of New Mexico’s most powerful Republican legislators into crisis mode and changed the whole dynamic of this critical State House race. And we’re not done yet.

Political blogger Joe Monahan summed it up this morning:

The relentless attacks on Gentry, an ABQ attorney and the House Republican Whip who is seeking a third two-year term, seemingly came out of nowhere. His seat was seen as safe Republican in an off- year election and he was not on any of the target lists circulated by the political parties.

Gentry has been serving a consultant for other Republican House hopefuls as they labor to pick up the three seats they need to take control of the Legislature’s lower chamber for the first time in over 60 years. The House is currently divided between 37 Dems and 33 R’s. But Gentry has to tend to major trouble in his own backyard as Dem-favored super PACS Patriot Majority and ProgressNowNM throw the proverbial kitchen sink at him via incessant mailers and radio ads.

His was supposed to be a simple-to-win House race; a slam-dunk that wasn’t seen as a “Race to Watch” by local pundits.

Now, everything’s changed.


Because of our work over the past few days Nate Gentry has been revealed as one of New Mexico politics’ most criminally prolific, dishonest legislators. And his constituents are taking notice.

Here’s what we’ve already done:

  • Released a report that revealed Gentry used an assumed name to attend a national conference for state legislators last year. Now people are wondering: What was Gentry hiding that made him check into an out-of-state hotel under a false name?
  • With our Better NM PAC, dropped more than 10,000 copies of Gentry’s arrest reports, along with new reports on his Rodella requests and hotel questions, on the doorstep of every voter in the district

There’s just one week left until the election. Last week no one thought Gentry’s race was winnable. Then we stepped in. Now it is.

What else is out there that Nate Gentry doesn’t want voters to know about?  We know, and we’re not letting up.

Nate Gentry is on the ropes and we’re not letting up.  Can we county on you to finish this fight and save the House? We can only accomplish our work because of people like you and right now New Mexico needs our help more than ever.

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