Sec. of State’s “Motor Voter” Failure Catching Up With NM Voters

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SANTA FE — A Santa Fe man is the latest person to be affected by errors in the State’s voter registration system that are preventing eligible voters from being able to vote.

As ProgressNow NM reported back in May, the “Motor Voter” program overseen by Secretary of State Dianna Duran fails to complete and submit voter registrations begun at MVDs across the state. Eligible voters are supposed to be able to update their voter registrations or complete a new registration when they apply for or renew their licenses. The requirement, known as “motor voter,” is a component of the National Voting Rights Act.

However, as Brian Sweeney attests in an opinion piece he penned for the Santa Fe New Mexican this week, New Mexico’s required motor voter system is still not properly completing/submitting the voter registration forms:

When I moved to Santa Fe this summer, one of the first things I did was apply for a New Mexico driver’s license. At the same time, I registered to vote using a paper form. This week, I learned from the secretary of state’s registration information website that my voter registration was never processed. I received no notification of any problems with my registration. Calls to the secretary of state and a visit to the Santa Fe County clerk were fruitless…

Reports indicate that the secretary of state has been aware of this issue since April, but has done nothing to fix the problem.

So, to recap: MVD is losing paper voter registration forms, violates state and federal law with a non-functional Motor Voter system, is doing so on a scale that will likely affect a significant portion of the electorate, and the person in charge of elections in this state has known about the issue for six months but has not taken action to fix it.

Be sure to read Brian Sweeney’s entire piece HERE.

To check your voter registration status, visit Voter View.

If you registered to vote, or updated your voter registration at MVD, and are having problems, contact Secretary of State Dianna Duran to verify your voter registration.  Contact her here.