You think YOUR radio is cluttered with political ads? Check out all the radio spots in this New Mexico House District (in English & Navajo)

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Think your radio is clogged with political ads?  Odds are it’s nothing like the onslaught of radio ads voters in New Mexico’s House District 4 are experiencing.

HD4 is almost entirely Native American – and Democratic – in makeup, but it is represented by a first-term Republican legislator backed by Governor Susana Martinez, her army of political operatives and their million-dollar war chests, and big mining interests.

Democrat Harrison Todacheene has proven to be a formidable force to unseat Rep. Sharon Clahchischilliage.  In a year when control of the State House is at stake, close races like this get a lot of attention.

While voters in other districts get lots of mail, phone calls and personal visits from candidates and campaigns, many residents on the Navajo nation live very much off the grid without daily access to phones or personal mail service.  That makes radio one of the most effective ways to communicate, and the reason voters are inundated with political ads in these races.


Harrison Todacheene is up on the air with his own ad, using audio from a Republican meeting:

That same audio will also be featured by Better New Mexico PAC (affiliated with ProgressNowNM) which recently announced it was going up on the air with a new ad which would run more than 400 times in the district in the final 6 days before polls close.  That’s in addition to at least six other ads by Patriot Majority PAC and NAVA Advocacy supporting Todacheene all on the air right now.

We bundled copies of just these 7 ads – one of which is in the Navajo language – to give you a sample of the ads from just one side in this race: