Should NM Dems set aside their agenda since Republicans won more votes? Readers weigh in on partisan divide coming to Santa Fe

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Anyone hoping New Mexico’s new divided legislature would lead to compromise instead of partisan gridlock might be disappointed.  At least that’s the message the Santa Fe New Mexican‘s long-time political reporter Steve Terrell took away from conversations with Democratic and Republican leadership this week:

Shortly after [Governor] Martinez’s [inaugural] speech Thursday, the House Democrats’ floor leader, Brian Egolf of Santa Fe, told The New Mexican that the speech sounded good, but he called on Martinez to reject “the radical out-of-state agenda being driven by the incoming House Republicans: reducing paychecks for New Mexico’s working people, privatizing education with out-of-state corporations and interfering with New Mexicans’ health care decisions.” Those were apparent references to right-to-work legislation, school testing policies and anti-abortion legislation.

That upset some House Republicans.

“We’re disappointed by Rep. Egolf’s comments,” House Republican Leader Nate Gentry of Albuquerque said. “Instead of showing a willingness to work together to advance our state, his divisive rhetoric demonstrates that he would rather follow in the same footsteps as Washington politicians who choose dysfunction over bipartisanship. We are committed to putting New Mexico first, and we hope that Rep. Egolf can put politics aside to join our effort.”

Read Steve Terrell’s full story at the SF New Mexican here.

But should Democrats “put aside” their values now that Republicans won more votes from New Mexicans?   Weigh in on Facebook and tell the new Democratic House Minority what you think they should do in the 2015 session starting later this month.

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