Call In Alert: Mayor RJ Berry to defend APD on KKOB this morning at 9am

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While the district attorney and police leaders have been embroiled in a public dispute over Albuquerque’s police department, one voice has been notably silent: Mayor RJ Berry.

Political blogger Joe Monahan summed up public criticism of the mayor’s response to the growing APD crisis on his watch:


He wasn’t around when homeless camper James Boyd was shot–a killing that prompted international outrage–and he hasn’t been seen during this war he has launched against Brandenburg in the wake of the latest fatal police shooting. Instead, Mayor Berry has sent forth Perry and his minions to try to tame a DA who has turned from pussycat to escaped tiger. Same goes for the baffled ABQ police chief Gorden Eden. He’s left the building. Cat got your tongue, fellas? Or is that a tiger?

This morning Mayor Berry will speak up on APD by taking to the public airwaves of conservative talk radio (read friendly audience).  Berry will be the guest of Bob Clark on 770KKOB this morning at 9:00 am.
Listen live at 770 am or onilne via live stream at
Call in and ask Mayor Berry your questions at 505.243.3333 starting at 9am.
You can also tweet host Bob Clark on Twitter: @Bob770kkob