Will New Mexico’s kids lose their recess in favor of more standardized testing?

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Have you heard?  Many schools across the country are looking at adding even more hours of standardized testing to the curriculum and, as a result, getting rid of recess.

Could this terrible idea become a reality in New Mexico? If Hannah Skandera’s testing scheme in Florida is any indication, the answer might be yes.

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If you don’t know, Hannah Skandera was Jeb Bush’s head of education in Florida and currently is the Secretary-designate of Public Education in New Mexico. Skandera was responsible for implementing education changes in Florida (which largely revolve around over-testing students) and Susana Martinez recruited her to follow the Florida model here in New Mexico. 

New Mexico’s third graders already have to take 15 hours of standardized testing a year and now it looks likely that that testing regiment might lead to the cancellation of recess, if Florida’s model is any indication.

How many more hours of testing can Skandera possibly add?

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