#NMLEG Progressive Bill of the Day | 03-16-15

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Rep. Deborah Armstrong

Rep. Deborah Armstrong

Over the weekend, Rep. Debbie Armstrong’s HB 466 – Medical Cannabis Research, Board & Fund – passed the House Health Committee with bipartisan support. Rep. Armstrong’s bill is critical for New Mexico’s medical and research professionals to further study the palliative effects of medical marijuana (along with its many other less-understood medical properties).

The House Health Committee passed Rep. Armstrong’s bill on a 6-4 vote. It now moves to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee.

Here’s what Rep. Armstrong had to say about her bill clearing its first hurdle:

 “It’s very encouraging to receive bipartisan support on this important bill…The Medical Cannabis Research, Board & Fund bill will create a board that would review proposed studies in New Mexico on medical cannabis. The board would consist of medical and research professionals and they would be able to thoroughly review any study proposals to ensure that the studies – if approved by the board – would be contributing to the medical field. New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program has been innovative since its inception seven years ago. This legislation could allow our universities to conduct important research on this medicine – another critical step forward for patients. ”

House Bill 466 requires that some funding from New Mexico’s current medical cannabis program be transferred to the board to enable them to begin their work.