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Politics can too often seem like nothing more than a deluge of gossip, posturing, backroom movidas, and esoteric policy prescriptions.

It used to be something more (and certainly can be again).

Politics is supposed to be the highest expression of a citizenry’s ideals, played out among equals in a civil space of discourse and debate.

To that end, we are launching a new daily series across our online platforms to highlight the progressive ideals many of us are striving toward (but which are too often subsumed by the day-to-day palaver of our modern political systems). This series will (mostly) take the form of inspirational quotes.

It’s good to be reminded — through the eloquent expression of some of progressivism’s most important leaders — what it is we’re striving for through our political process.

Though Voltaire was fond of saying that “a witty saying proves nothing,” the best quotes do quickly distill the essence of our ideals and gird us against the haters out there looking to beat back progress at every turn. While a quote may not “prove” anything, it certainly can inspire action and reaffirm commitment.

So be sure to check our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram daily for a little dose of inspiring action.

Here’s the first (one of my absolute favorites from one of my absolute favorites):

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Jan. 30 1882 – Apr. 12, 1945) | President of the United States

FDR Quote 3