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Holy hypocrisy alert.  This morning, the New Mexico State Republican Party sent this email to their members (we’re on their list so you don’t have to be):


unnamedI am Pat Garrett, the communications director over here at RPNM. I wanted to make sure you saw the news that Hillary Clinton is expected to hit another reset button and officially launch her campaign for President.
Many of you know she is hiding her emails, used a personal-email account while Secretary of State, endangered our national security and you know what? If she becomes President that won’t change– it will be far worse.

We need to respond. In anticipation of her announcement, we are building up our Hillary Clinton Truth Fund to tell the whole story— something she will try to avoid at all costs.

We can’t do this without your help, so please make an on-line contribution of $2, $3 or whatever amount you can afford. Just click here now!

That’s pretty bold, even for Republicans in New Mexico.

We haven’t forgotten Susana Martinez’s ongoing secret emailgate that was actually used to hide government business and organize a state contract to take over the Downs.

So, let’s set the record straight.  Here are the top five reasons Susana’s secret email accounts were worse than Hillary’s (which wasn’t):

Hillary Susana 2

Susana’s secret email system was actually against the law; Hillary’s followed the law at the time.

New Mexico law prohibits public officials from conducting business on secret emails that are not accessible to the public.

Gwyneth Doland of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government said Thursday that “I am horrified to think that it may be the practice of the state of New Mexico to conduct public business in secret using email accounts that no records custodian could access. This is absolutely unacceptable to think the public’s right to know is being so brazenly violated. I’m shocked to hear that this is coming from a governor so [publicly] supportive of transparency.” read more at Capitol Report.

Federal law allowed Hillary to use non-government email addresses.  The law was updated in 2014, after Ms. Clinton’s departure from the State Department.  From the Wall Street Journal:

The 2014 overhaul, which postdates Mrs. Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, placed explicit limits on agency officials using private email accounts for official business. The new law said agency officials can’t create or send a government record on a private account unless they also copy or forward the email to their official government email address.

The National Archives and Records Administration in September 2013 issued guidance to federal agencies that said federal employees generally shouldn’t use personal email accounts to conduct official business, except in limited situations, such as during emergencies when an official may not be able to access an official account.

That 2013 guidance, which also postdated Mrs. Clinton’s tenure, replaced a 2008 memo on federal recordkeeping that didn’t specifically address email records.

Susana’s secret emails were set up specifically to avoid public scrutiny; Hillary’s weren’t.

Susana Martinez’s first Corrections Secretary, Lupe Martinez, made news when she went public explaining how and why the administration set up secret emails:

“At this cabinet meeting, [chief of staff] Keith Gardner told the Cabinet secretaries, [the] governor and others in attendance to, whenever possible, use our private emails when communicating, because by doing such would prevent them from being discovered through public records requests.

“I believed by the governor’s acceptance of this statement that this was the policy of the Martinez administration.

“Because of this policy, I communicated numerous times with the Governor’s Office as well as other agencies via my private email and blackberry messenger.”

Hillary routinely used her personal email to communicate with other public officials and turned them over in response to requests by State Department officials responsible for archiving them for public review.

From the Guardian:

The former secretary’s office said she had turned over all 30,490 of her sent and received emails that related to her work to the State Department.

Susana’s emails were made public only after a former staffer shared them with a political action committee opposing the governor.  Many of the emails from the secret accounts at appear to remain private and the governor has ignored calls for them all the be made public.

Lobbyists coordinated “naked babe weekends” with top Martinez officials through secret emails; Hillary didn’t.

Top Republican lobbyist Pat Rogers used the secret email system to arrange fishing trips, out-of-public-eye meetings and phone calls for the governor’s Chief of Staff Keith Gardner with a clients looking to privatize the lottery, replace a state vending contract and more.

The Santa Fe Reporter sums it up best:

“Your note below says toiletries only. Is this one of those clothing optional, naked babe weekends?”

So wrote Patrick Rogers—Albuquerque power lawyer, lobbyist and member of the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government—in an email to the private account of Ryan Cangiolosi, deputy chief of staff for Gov. Susana Martinez, and the professional account of Stuart Feltman, president of Coca-Cola in Santa Fe, on Aug. 30, 2011.

Rogers was responding to an invitation from Feltman that he and Cangiolosi join the Coca-Cola executive for a September fishing trip at a private outfit in northwestern New Mexico. “Please check out the Soaring Eagle Lodge on-line,” Feltman had written. “All you’ll need to bring is toiletries.”

Despite best attempts by Republicans in Congress and talking heads on Fox News, no one has suggested (not even once) that Hillary participated in “naked babe” weekends with lobbyists.

Susana and team used secret emails to allegedly engage in bid-rigging for a mulit-million dollar state contract that benefitted her donors, prompting an FBI investigation; Hillary didn’t.

Unlike Hillary who used her emails to communicate with staff and world leaders, then made those emails available for public archiving and review, Susana and her team used their secret email network to coordinate the issuance of a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to manage the Downs racino in Albuquerque to one of the governor’s largest donors.

From the Albuquerque Journal:

Martinez critics say the Downs at Albuquerque contract was a pay-to-play deal, reminiscent of those alleged during the administration of her predecessor, Gov. Bill Richardson – a claim heatedly disputed by the Martinez administration.

But machinations around the Downs lease do involve political insiders, significant campaign contributions and expressed worries about appearances that Andrea Goff construed as attempts to hide contributions from donors connected to the Downs – another claim rejected by the Martinez inner circle.

The FBI has investigated the contract, which was awarded to the Downs at Albuquerque in December 2011, with agents interviewing people involved with the Martinez campaign and others about the lease, including Andrea Goff.

And from the Santa Fe Reporter:

…emails link top Martinez staffers and advisors to the controversial racino deal involving the Downs at Albuquerque. One of those advisers is GOP attorney Pat Rogers, the Downs’ lobbyist. 

Political operatives directed state employees to dig into personal data on government employees using Susana’s secret emails; There is no indication Hillary anything close.

One of the most troubling revelations from Susana’s emailgate came from the Santa Fe New Mexican:

An email obtained by a Democratic political action committee indicates state employees and computers at the Public Education Department were used to compile lists of nonunion teachers and their email addresses for Republican Gov. Susana Martinez’ political director…  If Public Education Department employees did perform work for the governor’s political committee, it could be seen as a possible violation of the state Government Conduct Act.

Fox News-ists have looked far and wide for a similar connection between Clinton’s emails and political work.  None.  And when Fox News can’t even make it up, you know it didn’t happen. 

New Mexico’s GOP is trying to flip the script but we can’t let them pull that old trick on New Mexicans.  Help us push back by sharing this with friends on Facebook and Twitter NOW.

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