It is Election Day in Valencia County: Here’s what you need to know

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It’s Election Day in New Mexico and most voters have no idea.


That’s because today’s elections are for soil and water conservation districts across the state.  The Doña Ana County District election has become a hotly contested race after ultra-conservative members passed a number of Tea Party-inspired “Agenda 21” and anti-public lands resolutions along with a proposed tax hike on district residents last year.

But other soil and water conservation districts are also having elections today.

Supporters in Valencia County emailed us asking us to remind voters there about today’s election and highlighted progressive candidate Andrew Hautzinger who earned the Sierra Club’s endorsement as a write-in candidate.

From the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club:

Endorsement for Valencia County Soil and Water Conservation District

The Valencia County Soil and Water Conservation District election is TOMORROW, May 5.

Sierra Club Central New Mexico Group is endorsing Andrew Hautzinger, a terrific incumbent and a WRITE-IN candidate.

Andrew is running to retain his position on the Valencia County Soil and Water Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors (Seat No. 2). He brings more than 25 years of professional experience in the field of conservation to the district, having worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the last 20 years as a hydrologist. He believes that there should be a balanced and sustainable use of our natural resources, with protection of open spaces and the natural world for future generations being his life-guiding principle.

He served as a volunteer on the Board for the last five years and is its vice chair. He’s worked on a variety of projects, including the Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area (WWCA). He’s on the WWCA subcommittee and led the process for getting 10 monitoring wells drilled and monitored, helping to capture information important for informed resource-management decisions, including depth to groundwater, water-quality conditions as well as surface water/groundwater interactions.

He’s worked on the Rio Abajo Conservation Area project, acting as vice chair on the subcommittee, overseeing a contract for its preliminary management plan as well as another contract to appraise the value of the District’s horse stable property adjacent to RACA.

In order to get a place on the ballot for the Valencia County Soil and Water Conservation board, the district’s rules required that the candidate submit an application IN PERSON on March 17, 2015. Andrew was out of state for buness on that date and therefore has to run as a WRITE-IN candidate, but the stellar job he has done in his time on the board gives him a strong chance to win, even as a write-in — but we need your help.

Please bring this note with you to help with spelling Andrew’s name. You can also ask the election staff for the spelling of his name: ANDREW HAUTZINGER

Please vote in this important local race to continue the work of a strong local conservation district.

Thank you,

Susan Martin, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter political chair

Polls in Valencia County are open from 7a-7p today, Tuesday May 5.  Polling locations for this district election may be different than your normal voting location:

Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area, Hwy 47 in Belen

USDA Service Center, 2600 Palmilla Rd, Los Lunas (West of Walmart on Rte. 6)

This post and notice from Better NM PAC, a project of ProgressNowNM. P. Davis, Treas.

Who you vote for is private, but who voted isn’t.  Be sure your name is on the voter rolls as an engaged voter.

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