UNM has a really bad explanation for paying women less than men on campus

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UNM knows why it doesn’t pay female professors on par with their male counterparts:


Biz FirstReport shows gender pay gap among professors at UNM
June 15, 2015 — Albuquerque Business First 

A report shows a gender pay gap at the University of New Mexico — to the tune of an almost $15,000 difference between male and female professors.

According to data from the Chronicle of Higher Education, during the 2013-2014 academic year, the average, full-time female professor at UNM earned a salary of $87,417, while the average, full-time male professor made $99,855 — a difference of $12,438. Although the gender pay gap is smaller between men and women in the associate professor and instructor positions, male associate professors still earned approximately $2,300 more per year at the school than their female counterparts.

 Chaouki Abdallah, provost of UNM, said the numbers don’t tell the entire story…

“The most important reason for male professors [having higher average salaries] is that there are colleges and departments with higher salaries. For example, there are more male engineering professors. The lowest paid professors are where females are a majority such as education or the arts. The other reason is that females may delay careers or promotions because of family. Males will also negotiate for more money and females generally don’t,” he said. Read more.

Did you catch that?  UNM’s lowest paid professors are in fields “where females are a majority,” women balancing careers and family are expected to take a hit and UNM gets a deal by lowballing salary offers knowing women won’t negotiate for more.

Are you mad? So are we.

52 years ago this month (read that again, fifty-two years ago) Congress passed the Equal Pay Act requiring equal pay for women. 

Women still earn less than men.  $2 billion less in New Mexico alone.  In 2012, our state legislature passed our own state version of the Fair Pay Act but UNM doesn’t seem to get the message.

Inspiring young women to take a leading role in our state, and keeping New Mexico students here in New Mexico, requires us to treat them all equally (besides, it’s the law). Our state’s flagship university can do better. 

UNM pays female professors (2)

This is something we can do something about.  UNM just announced that it is starting its own salary review to compare salaries with those at other institutions, but not among UNM’s own professors.  Start by signing this petition to the UNM Board of Regents asking them to honor the Fair Pay Act and fix this gap. 

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Fifty-two years is long enough to wait.