Look what you did!

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This has been a really good week for progressive wins.  First, Obamacare, now marriage equality.

As you celebrate, take a minute to look back at all the small wins you helped us make possible along the way.

In early 2013, haters in the legislature blocked another marriage equality bill in the legislature. So in March we (you, me and all of our ProgressNow supporters) helped to elevate Mayor Coss and Geno Zamora’s new legal strategy to recognize equality once and for all.


In July, conservatives in Roswell tried to pass local laws against equality, and we raised the alarm and helped you organize to stop it.



In August, when Lynn Ellins began issuing marriage licenses in Doña Ana County, we were there to spread the news.



When other clerks joined in, we organized a mass gay wedding on Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza to give newly licensed couples the public dignity they had long been denied.

 NY Times


And when Republicans took our clerks to court to stop those licenses, we rallied more than 1,000 of our donors to raise a legal defense fund that defended their actions all the way to the State Supreme Court.



 …Pro-LGBT organization ProgressNow of New Mexico set up a website at EqualityDonaAnaCounty.com to support the effort, raising more than $33,000…

By 2014, we joined our friends at EQNM, Strong Families, the ACLU and New Mexicans across the state to protect our right to marry in the Marriage Matters campaign.


And today, we can celebrate that the equality we all fought for here at home can now be enjoyed around the country.


Take a day to celebrate – it’s ok, you deserve it. 

But don’t forget, as our friends at EQNM say, legal equality isn’t lived equality, so we’re still on guard and still working hard to be sure that everyone gets to live with the dignity Justice Kennedy mentioned in his decision today.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of ProgressNow.  Wins like this – the hard ones won with tenacity and strategy, designed to unite not divide – are why I started this organization and we couldn’t do it without you.  


– Pat