Exclusive: Dianna Duran proposes to change campaign rules she is accused of breaking.

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Diana Duran is drowning in a sea of criminal charges including fraud, embezzlement and money laundering.

And the bad news keeps coming.

Last week, we learned that her scheme goes all the way back to her first election in 2010 when she lied about her treasurer and pocketed more money from her campaign.

This week, KOB reports that a family member of Duran’s wrongly spent six months in jail when she accused him of breaking a custody agreement that never existed.

And now there’s this:  Dianna Duran just announced plans to use her power as Secretary of State to rewrite campaign finance rules she is accused of breaking.  Really.

duran rule making

This has got to stop.

New Mexicans can’t trust Dianna Duran to manage her own campaign finances.  She certainly shouldn’t be rewriting the rules for others.

New Mexicans respect the rule of law and deserve leaders who share that respect and understand the responsibility of holding public office.

It’s time for New Mexico’s elected leaders, newspapers and media outlets to step up the pressure on Duran.

Send a message to Governor Martinez and House members responsible for the investigation and impeachment hearings.  Join us in signing this petition to show that you support moving forward with expedited impeachment proceedings to stop Dianna Duran.