Here are 8 headlines Susana Martinez really needs to go away

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In less than 10 days, Gov. Martinez is scheduled to attend the Republican Governor’s Association meeting in Las Vegas. She is the odds-on favorite to be selected as chair to follow scandal-plagued Chris Christie’s term.  But the allegations being investigated by the FBI involve not only Jay McCleskey, the governor’s campaign operative and strategist, but also the governor’s 2011 inauguration which included McCleskey’s wife as executive director and Danny Diaz, now Jeb Bush’s campaign manager, in a key communications and strategy role.

In addition to concerns that she herself might end up before a federal grand jury, word of an active federal investigation into their activities may well cause some national GOP and RGA donors to reconsider their support for Martinez. 

Republican National Convention

Here are 8 headlines from the week’s news that Susana Martinez is really going to need to go away ASAP.

Gov confirms FBI spoke to her, staff about investigations

Anytime you have to admit that the FBI interviewed you, a sitting governor, your public job performance numbers are about to go south

Report: Guv’s fundraising under FBI scrutiny 

Like it or not, being a successful politician depends a lot on how much money you can raise to get out your message. And keeps donors from writing another check like a visit from the FBI because of your last donation.

Gov. Martinez: Top advisor, others have ‘done nothing wrong’

This one is easy. If the FBI is investigating everyone who gives you advice and takes care of your business is being investigated by the FBI, your Wikipedia page is bound to include a section with the word “scandal”

Former official: FBI asked about issues in Martinez administration 

“Issues” seems like code for “people we hired and gave public money to.” That can’t end well.


TRD secretary named in investigation 

When your day is already full deflecting attention from your own FBI investigation, the last thing you need is another law enforcement agency investigating another agency and personal appointee for using the power you gave her to help an old friend. Yet, here we are.


Report: FBI looking into Tax and Rev audits

Speaking of the Tax & Rev. Dept., it looks like the state Attorney General isn’t the only one taking up office space with pesky criminal investigations.   The FBI is now also reportedly investigating whether several former whistleblowers and Martinez critics were targeted with tax audits after speaking out against Martinez.

If they get any more cops in there the TRD office in Santa Fe might just put request some capital outlay to put in a shooting range and satellite courtroom to make the commutes easier for the new tenants.

After confirming probe, Martinez voices disdain for ‘cheap shots’

When you can’t beat the message, shoot the messenger.

Investigation of Martinez adviser continues

This one is not so bad for her, compared to the others. But, of course it isn’t. It’s in the ABQ Journal.