Susana’s no good, horrible, very bad week

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Susana Martinez, Jay McCleskey and the FBI

When the FBI knocks on your door, they aren’t usually dropping by to borrow a cup of sugar.

That’s why it is a really big deal when a sitting governor admits that she and “others” in her administration were interviewed.

And donors have a habit of closing their checkbooks when your receipt comes with a subpoena.

Yet, Susana forges ahead.

Next week she heads to Las Vegas where she’ll make her pitch to be the new chair of the organization responsible for raising big dollars to elect and retain Republican governors nationwide.

When the guv goes to Vegas next week, she’ll be in good company:

Outgoing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still under investigation for bridgegate and a few other odds and ends.

Kansas GOP Gov. Sam Brownback is facing his own federal grand jury investigation into his own fundraising and political team.

But Susana, Chris and Sam will have to hold the party without former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.  He’s the former Republican governor of Virginia who also served as an RGA leader.  He was just sentenced to federal prison for public corruption involving his funders and fundraisers.

Seems like no GOP governor is considered cool unless they have an FBI agent in their office.

Marco Rubio sure thinks so.  Just days after the Gov’s FBI investigation went public, Rubio mentioned Susana Martinez as a likely 2016 GOP VP candidate (again).


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Have a good weekend (it’ll be better than Jay’s for sure!)