This one picture sums up the Martinez administration perfectly

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It’s been a whiz-bang few months for Susana Martinez and her cohorts running the “bold change” administration she promised would turn New Mexico around.

In case you’ve been in a cave, today’s Santa Fe New Mexican gives us the rundown:

The past two months have ranged from wrenching to heady for Martinez. She acknowledged that her political adviser, Jay McCleskey, the man she credits for her election as governor, is being investigated by the FBI for payments from Martinez’s campaign and inaugural committee to companies that he controlled.

Then Martinez and the rest of New Mexico watched as one of her political allies, former Secretary of State Dianna Duran, pleaded guilty to stealing campaign donations to feed a gambling addiction. Duran entered the Santa Fe County jail on Friday to begin a 30-day sentence. Martinez’s troubles at the Eldorado Hotel pushed Duran’s story off the top of newspaper websites and television newscasts.

Duran’s conviction and the federal investigation of McCleskey were tempered to a degree by Martinez winning election as chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association, a fundraising apparatus of the GOP executives.

New Mexico political commenters are starting to say that the shine on the Martinez administration is gone, forcing them to actually begin standing on their record.

That’s in part why yesterday’s (equally hilarious and concerning) drunkgate stories received so much attention from press who would have formerly forgiven the incident.

New Mexicans are fond of saying “Thank God for Mississippi,” but a few prominent Republicans were saying “Thank God for Susana” yesterday.


No one was happier to see those 911 tapes surface than Dianna Duran whose top trending booking photodianna-duran-mug-shot was quickly eclipsed by memes of pizza and cokes and drunk party girl pics on Facebook and Twitter.

Hanna Skandera likely breathed a sigh of relief yesterday morning, too.

Her long-anticipated release of statewide school grades came just hours after the Martinez tapes first appeared at The New Mexico Political Report. “More F’s than A’s” was the Journal’s headline.  Similar ones ran statewide on TV and in local papers. Most New Mexicans didn’t even know they came out and many will only read a passing mention in between last minute Amazon purchases.

And almost no one noticed that New Mexico officially led the country in unemployment for the first time in recent memory in November.

But that all happened. In ONE DAY.


Here’s what readers saw if they checked the news on the Albuquerque Journal‘s webpage midday yesterday:

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 9.47.34 AM.png

H/T to Juan Sanchez of Albuquerque for sharing this version.  Several others appeared across Facebook all morning.

The luster is off the Martinez administration and even the Albuquerque Journal can’t bury the entire stream of bad news coming down from six years of “bold change.”

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