Washington Post: Martinez “Palin-esque” and a punch line for GOP leaders

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Santa Claus keeps bringing Susana Martinez lumps of coal in these last weeks of 2015.

First, 911 tapes exposed Martinez’s bullying, vindictive personality (“It’s public record – give it to me!), then new tapes from the officer who responded to the gov’s rowdy hotel room pizza party (can we talk about the maturity of a 56-year old woman attending a prom-like pizza party in a hotel room after midnight?) showed that not only was Martinez drunk but she lied to the media in her apology tour explaining the first tapes.

All this helped make Susana Martinez a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter last weekend and that has gotten the attention of national Republicans whom Martinez wants to impress very badly.

Today, the Washington Post‘s national political correspondent gives us the inside scoop on how GOP leaders are responding to the news out of Santa Fe – and its not good for the once rising star.

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The Daily 202: Susana Martinez’s once-rising star fades

Washington Post, By James Hohmann December 23 at 8:35 AM


— On paper, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez makes lots of sense as a potential running mate for the eventual Republican nominee.She’s a Latina in a party that struggles with Hispanics and women, a former district attorney in a moment when the public yearns for security and a conservative who got reelected in a blue state last year with 56 percent of the vote.

7a366ac8d0f934b5318e721ba049e9b1_400x4001In practice, the chairman of the Republican Governors Association has become a punch line among some GOP elites in D.C. She’s gotten a reputation within corners of the consultant class as Palinesque: gaffe-prone, not intellectually curious, and not up for the rigors of a national campaign.

Making it in Santa Fe is not the same as making it in Washington. New Mexico’s population is, after all, just 2.1 million.

— The latest setback for any future aspirations Martinez might have came yesterday when the tape of a police officer’s belt recorder was released publicly. The governor sounds intoxicated as she speaks with the cop about a noise complaint in her hotel room and a report that bottles had been thrown from the balcony. The officer then discusses what to do about her with a security guard from the Eldorado Hotel and Spa.

“Honestly, you know, I’ve only really been working here for like a month and a half,” the guard tells the cop in the exchange around 1:30 a.m. the Sunday before last. “So this actually is my first run-in with this sort of thing.… I would never expect the first time to be the governor. I really don’t know what to do in this situation because I can tell that she’s — kind of –”

“Inebriated,” the cop finishes.

“Yes,” the guard replies.

Susana Martinez stands in front of a state map of drunken-driving deaths during a news conference in Albuquerque on Dec. 7. The incident in question happened Dec. 13. (AP Photo/Russell Contreras, File)

The governor’s office told local news media that snowballs, not bottles, were thrown from the room. And her office said yesterday that she only had a drink and a half. Apologizing for telling a police dispatcher not to send officers, the governor told the Albuquerque Journal last Friday that she was “absolutely not” drunk during the episode. Listen to the four-minute audio here.

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