“Who knew we could do all that?!”: Our best year yet!

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“Who knew we could do all that?!”

That’s what one of our supporters said recently when I shared with him the amazing numbers behind ProgressNow in 2015.

With so much at stake in 2016, we decided that, in 2015, we had to increase our network to ensure that more New Mexico voters were informed and taking actions that got them ready to vote next year.

So we opened a new office in Las Cruces, started a new news outlet – The New Mexico Political Report – and added new staff and got to work building the bigger network of progressives we all need.

I have some pretty good news: Thanks to all of that work, we’re ready to take on 2016.

Did you know?

Our digital media programs are engaging, on average, more than 45,000 people in new conversations each month (way more than either political party or Susana Martinez).

Our website at progressnownm.org was visited more than 300,000 times in 2015 – making it the largest advocacy website in the state.

Our Facebook posts were shared 19,170 times and you sent more than 185,992 petition, letter and email messages to policy makers supporting everything from fair driver’s licenses to protecting healthcare access for women to fair elections.

And we believed so much that New Mexicans needed a new (really) fair and balanced news source that we gave launched the New Mexico Political Report in 2015.

NMPR is now New Mexico’s most read political blog (most read, by a lot).

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And that’s all in just one year!

Can you imagine New Mexico without ProgressNow? 

Neither can I – especially going into a big election year like 2016.

By now, you know it’s my job to raise the money to be sure our team can take on these fights and put up these numbers when it counts.

That’s why I’m asking you to help us get a head start on 2016 by becoming a monthly donor for 2016 to get us through these key elections.


Ten new donors at $10 a month helps fund our website and action tools to connect voters and policy makers when it counts.

Twenty new donors at $20 a month fund a researcher to track election bills during the legislative session.

And thirty new donors at $50 a month funds our entire social media outreach to get those stories out to voters who need to know.


I know it’s a big ask, but so is our task.

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Now, you can donate quickly with PayPal, too!

Thanks for making 2015 our biggest yet – and for helping us start 2016 with the tools to win!



PS – We really need to build our network of monthly donors so we have the tools to do our job month after month.  But if monthly giving isn’t right for you, we’ll bundle your year-end donation with those from others to make every dollar count.  Chip in $20 or $50 here right now.